Welcome to
Hopkins & The Witch

Hi! I’m Becca.

I create delicate yet wearable pagan and fantasy-themed jewelry that allow you to carry a little bit of magic with you everywhere, everyday.  I believe in the beauty and magic in the natural world around us, so I make pieces that reflect the ever-turning seasons, using responsibly-sourced alloys and gemstones.


Magickally Inspired Handmade Treasures

You want to be able to reflect your love of the incredible world around us and your belief in the magic behind it all in a subtle and stylish way. My jewelry is designed with you in mind. I work with semi-precious gemstones, and sometimes uncut precious stones, to center my pieces, and then add charms carefully selected to delight you with their look and feel. Occasionally I’ll add glass or acrylic for a bit of extra sparkle or a bright splash of color. Sometimes I use tiny bells so that your trinkets make music as you move through your day.


Everything I use has been responsibly sourced; the gemstones are conflict-free and have been cleansed before use, the metals are lead-and-nickel-free alloys. Sometimes I use vintage findings and then it is more difficult to ensure these same values, but here I believe that reusing vintage pieces is its own form of responsible sourcing; cutting down on waste and helping to reduce a drain on our natural resources.


How Did I Get Here?

Born in England, I went to University in St Andrews, Scotland primarily so that I could be near the sea, but also because of a photo in the prospectus that showed students sitting on a pavement in front of a gorgeous gothic building playing chess on a chalk-drawn board. There I met my wonderful partner in crime, and we ended up living in the wilds of the Welsh Borders with our three pixies, making our own cider and cake. It was while I was there, immersed in the rhythms of nature, that I started making jewelry too, using it as a way to work creativity into my daily life. Now we live in Amsterdam in The Netherlands, a city which stole my heart long ago, and which continues to surprise and delight me with its amazing cultural heritage, gorgeous architecture, charming tree-lined canals and lovely parks.


Want to Know More?

You can see snippets of my creative process and the things that inspire me on my various social media pages.  If you are interested to delve deeper into the meanings behind the stones and symbols I use in my work, the festivals that inspire it, or anything else about what I do, you can find that on my blog.