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Pearls are the birthstone for this month, June, and have been used in my June Bracelet of The Month in freshwater form. Pretty and delicate, and decidedly feminine in character, pearls have ling been held in high esteem. Here's a little bit more about them:

Pearls are globular cysts of calcium carbonate (mainly aragonite or a mixture of aragonite and calcite) that form within the tissues of molluscs as a protective coating (known as nacre) as the result of an internal irritation, such as a grain of sand.

Pearls have two strong associations - water and the moon - both powerful symbols of female energies. They have been known as “Tears of The Moon”, although personally this seems too inherently mournful for such a delightful gemstone.

Their association with the moon lends them the ability to balance hormones and natural rhythms. This balancing action also has a powerful effect on karma, and the resulting effect is one of calm and enlightenment. Pearls are extremely positive gemstones to have around.

The watery influence makes Pearls strong symbols of purity and honesty, and this is why they have traditionally been used in wedding clothes. They are also perfect for healing and soothing - qualities that come from the pearl being in itself something which protects an organism (a mollusc) from a foreign body (often a bit of grit or sand).

Thanks to healingwithcrystals.com for the technical info :)

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