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Howlite is a stone I use a lot of in the summer time, and one of the (very) few stones I’ll ever use dyed. I like it because you end up with these very cool, brightly colored, carved beads, shaped like flowers and starfish and CND symbols and skulls, without the need to resort to plastic. It features in designs like my mermaid bookmarks and festival anklets; it is fun and playful and cheerful.

Howlite is also an ideal summer-time stone for it’s calming properties. It is a great remedy for insomnia, especially when caused by an overstimulated mind - so ideal for children during long hot summer evenings, or adults who have been busy partying (or chasing around after said children!).

The stone is naturally white with grey veining, and is often dyed and misleadingly sold as turquoise because it resembles it in all but color. It is associated with the Crown Chakra, but can be used to balance all chakras.

Litha Festival Anklet with Howlite Beads

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