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Kyanite is a silicate mineral, most often found in ‘aluminium-rich metamorphic pegmatites and/or sedimentary rock’ (wikipedia.com/kyanite). It is generally blue in color, although it can be found in many shades thereof and also in greens, pink and transparent, hence the name Kyanite which is taken from the Ancient Greek κύανος meaning dark blue. It typically grows in blades, and can be quite brittle as it will break away in sheets. This is due to the very different strengths the rock possesses; it is stronger across than it is along.

Metaphysically, kyanite has very high vibrations; it is an extremely energetic stone, although the energy is very gentle and easy to access. It is one of only two stones that never need cleansing, as it does not hold onto negative energies. This combination makes it a very easy stone to use and have around, an excellent stone for those just starting out in meditation or crystal use. This is also why I enjoy using it in my jewelry.

The stone’s high vibrations and rapid-moving energy make it a great choice for work involving connections and communications, as it is a bridge-builder and a maker of pathways. It allows energies to flow cleanly and clearly, without picking up unnecessary distractions or negativity, thus making for better communications in all areas. These same properties also enhance psychic abilities.

Kyanite is a wonderful stone for healing and calming, as it aligns all the chakras with very little effort due to its pathway-making qualities. Its gentle energy rushes through like fresh water, chasing away the negatives and allowing healing energy and good intentions to ride along in it’s wake.

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