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The Green Man

The Green Man is a powerful symbol of rebirth and regeneration, strongly associated with the Spring and the beginning of Summer. Represented most often as just a face, found commonly in stone carvings in churches and castles, the Green Man is covered in foliage; often just human features in a sea of leaves.

This verdant figure symbolically brings the Spring, drawing the sap up from the roots and awakening the trees of the forest. He is often associated with the Greek God Pan, and with the wiccan Horned God.

The Green Man appears through literature and folk law in other guises, with names such as Jack-in-the-Green, John Barleycorn, Robin Goodfellow and the Green Knight. My favourite reference to the Green Man, in this instance as Pan, is in Kenneth Grahame’s Wind In The Willows, in a beautiful chapter entitled ‘The Piper at the Gates of Dawn’, in which He assists in the finding and safe-keeping of a lost otter pup.

I use the Green Man in many of my charm bracelets, including my May Bracelet of the Month and Beltane Charm Bracelet.

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