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Malachite is a house favourite here at Hopkins And The Witch. It is my most-worn stone, and is one that I use a lot. It is not popular with everyone, as it has has intense amplifying properties for both positive and negative energies, and so many people find it hard to work with.

Malachite is known as the Midwife Stone and the Transformation Stone. It is a great stone to use if you are working through a big change in your life (such as becoming a parent!) as it is very good at manifesting intentions. It is a great balancing and grounding stone, being an Earth element stone. We can see its balancing properties in those beautiful rich stripes of pale and darker greens, verging almost to black in some specimens.

In many ways Malachite is a warrior stone, helping to renew energy and focus moving forwards, whilst fighting off that which holds you back. It is a stone that assists the bearer in staying true to themself during times of uncertainty. It allows you to overcome negative energies, when used intentionally and wisely.

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