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Peridot is the birthstone for August. With it’s pretty light green colour, Peridot is a clear crystal that seems to glow in sunlight. It is associated with the Heart chakra, and has very high vibrations. It is also strongly associated with the sun, and with late summer as the leaves start to take on a golden hew.

In terms of its uses and meanings, the stone is considered to be overwhelmingly positive in its influence, bringing a sense of well-being and warmth to the bearer in much the same way that a gentle sunny afternoon can soothe the soul. Again, thanks to its association with the sun, Peridot is considered to be a strengthening crystal, providing protection from dark emotional states and bathing one in a sense of quiet confidence and self-worth.

A great stone to give to teenagers returning to their studies at the start of the new academic year, or for people who suffer with the shorter daylight hours of fall and the coming winter months - a little bit of summer sun to keep close all year round.

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