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Sapphires are a typically blue crystal or gemstone, considered to be among the ‘precious stones’ category. They are formed of the mineral corundum, an aluminium oxide. They do also appear in various other hues, including red, in which case they are called Ruby.

Historically speaking, Sapphires have long been prized, with ancient Persians in 800BC wearing them as protective talismans and believing that the colour of the sky was reflected from Sapphires. The name Sapphire comes from the Latin saphirus, meaning blue.

Due to their association with the sky, or the heavens, Sapphires are aspirational stones, encouraging the bearer to reach for the stars with a positive attitude and self motivation. They are a great support in one’s journey towards a more fulfilling life, assisting in accessing intuition and hope, and inspiring creative expression. They make wonderful stones for artists and other creatives.

Sapphires are traditionally associated with the Third Eye Chakra, and are the birthstone for September.

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