• Becca

Hearth Witch

Having read all sorts of blogs and articles about different categories of witches, the Hearth Witch always comes closest to how I feel about myself and my own practice. Hearth Witch is a term related to Kitchen Witch or Domestic Witch, and is concerned with the care and protection of the home. A Hearth Witch is often found in the kitchen, the heart of the home, where the modern-day equivalent of the hearth for many of us, the stove, can be found. A Hearth Witch is commonly involved in creative pursuits, including cookery but also arts and crafts, DIY, teaching and raising children.

For me, being a Hearth Witch is repairing my children’s toys and clothes. It means baking brownies and cooking porridge and brewing teas. It is very much a part of my Etsy business, and also my other job which is as a baker. It is in decorating our home, and making handmade gifts for loved ones.

The goddess of the Hearth is Hestia, sister to Zeus, and she is my favourite Goddess. She is modest and gentle, and keeps the home fires burning.

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