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January Birthstone -Garnet

Each month of the year has its own birthstone assigned to it. Some people prefer to correlate the stones with astrological signs instead, but I prefer months. Each stone has its own unique set of attributes and symbolic meanings. They are each associated with a different element as well, adding depth and understanding to their metaphysical properties.

March Birthstone - Aquamarine

I really enjoy creating jewelry with birthstones. It is often a great starting point for a customised piece of jewelry. The gemstone chosen for a piece gives it a backbone - some colour and often inspiration for a theme. So far my birthstone ranges include Charm Bracelets and Earrings, which can be bought seperately or as sets. Over the course of this year I will be renewing this collection and also adding Choker Necklaces and Witches Ladders to the collection. Sign up for my Mailing List to be informed of these new product lines when I launch them!

It’s also worth noting that during “their” month, I always offer Birthstone Jewelry items at a 20% discount, so if you need a unique, personal gift remember to check my store for Birthstone items!

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