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Elemental Collection

The five elements are a key part of my personal practise. The simple break down of the world into Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit is to me an excellent way of describing the different energies of the world around us, and of the different characters of the people who live in it.

It always worth being aware of the five elements, as making use of their energies to boost our own, to enrich our magic, and to help us on our path can be hugely beneficial. Everybody has an instinctive understanding and primal enjoyment of the basic forces of nature - see how in a room with an open fire or around a table with candles upon it, everyone stares into the flames. Think of how children in particular are drawn to running water, and how many people find working with the soil soothing and restorative. These are just examples of how we interact with the elements naturally. Imagine how positive it can be to use them intentionally!

Over the last year I have been developing a range inspired by the five elements. I selected a crystal to represent each element, and then created a range of jewelry pieces using those stones, along with symbols for them. So for Earth I have used the crystal Malachite, and tree and leaf charms. For Air I use Amethyst and dragonflies. Fire is represented by Garnet and sun charms. Water is Aquamarine with shells and starfish, and Spirit is represented by Clear Quartz with heart charms. There is also a set of jewelry using all five stones and pentacles, which have been used by witches for centuries to represent the five elements.

The collection includes earrings, witches ladders, necklaces, anklets and bookmarks, and over the next few months I will be adding charm bracelets as well. Which element do you resonate with most?

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