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Tibetan Silver: What You Need To Know

What is Tibetan Silver?

This is probably the second-most frequent question I get asked about my jewelry, the first being “Do you make custom items?” (yes!). So I thought I’d write a short piece explaining it, and talking a little about my use of it.

Tibetan silver is a white metal alloy, usually containing tin, copper, and/or zinc. It also has been known to contain lead and nickel, and it can sometimes refer to silver- or silver-alloy-plated iron. It is often used due to its low cost compared to precious metals like silver.

Obviously, there are health concerns associated with lead and nickel, as nickel is allergenic and exposure to lead can lead to serious health problems ranging from behavioural problems up to organ failure and even death. This is why I am very careful when sourcing the Tibetan Silver I use in the majority of my jewelry pieces to ensure I am using lead and nickel free alloys.

Over the next few months I am hoping to start producing a range made from precious metals as well, so sign up for my mailing list (on Facebook or by sending me a message through the contact page) to be the first to know when I launch it!

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