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Witches Ladders

Witches Ladders are one of my favourite items to make, even though they are super fiddley! A Witches Ladder is a rosary style necklace, with 13 stones on spread along the chain at intervals. They can also be made with 26 stones. The ones I make have a pendant, often quite a large one, and are more often than not long-chain necklaces, although I can and do make shorter ones as well.

The number 13 is significant to witches and pagans for several reasons. There are 13 full moons in a year. 13 is also the total number of Sabbats and Esbats (8) plus the number of Elements (5). You can see from these numbers why 26 can also be used.

I have selection of Witches Ladders available to buy in my shop, and they are also a piece that lends itself well to customisation. I have made several custom witches ladders over the last few months, often using the recipient’s birthstone and adding a charm that represents them in some way - maybe a hobby or a particular interest. Over the course of this year I will also be adding Witches Ladders to my Birthstone Jewelry Collection, creating a new necklace each month using the birthstone of that month.

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