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I thought I’d write a short piece about me, seeing as how today concludes March Meet The Maker and wraps up a whole month of talking about myself and my business. But this is about what I do when I’m not being Hopkins & The Witch.

My first love is reading. I am a huge bookworm, always with a book on the go and a stack waiting to be read. I have a list in my bullet journal, and another on my phone which I compile from recommendations shared at book group (Readers and Drinkers Amsterdam on Meetup - there are several in the city but ours is the friendliest!). My current faves are by Natasha Pulley - The Bedlam Stacks is beautiful, and I’m looking forward to the sequel to Filigree Street which is due later this year. I’m also very excited to read the new book by Erin Morgenstern, author of The Night Circus which is my all-time favourite read.

As I love great characters and a good story, it makes sense that another of my loves is cinema and television. My favourite movies tend to be a little quirky; I love Amelie and The Shape of Water; but I also love mainstream things from Love Actually to all the Marvel stuff. I have recently inhaled The Umbrella Academy on Netflix - how cool was that?!?!

And then my biggest loves - my husband and children. We love Friday night pizza, and big walks in the park or the bos or at the beach, and trips to museums, and playing Risk argumentatively, and dancing round the kitchen to loud music. We like to go for ice cream after dinner on warm evenings, we loathe homework but accept that it is a necessary part of secondary school, and we generate a ridiculous amount of laundry. I share my other passions with the kids - we loan each other books, go to the cinema together, and even saved watching the trailer for Stranger Things Season 3 until we could watch it together. The girls love to sew, and play with Sylvanians, just like I did when I was their age. The teenager likes to customise his clothes and bike really fast around the streets of Amsterdam, also like me.

So that’s the me who is making your jewelry!

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