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Happy Mail - Materials Delivery!

I saw a meme the other day that said “I’ve come to realise that crafting and buying craft supplies are two separate hobbies”, and it really made me smile. It is so true! I love making things, obviously, but the gathering in of materials is so much fun! Whether I’m seeking out cool new charms or different gemstones to use in my jewelry, or finding the perfect shade of ribbon for a new choker design, or even just picking out new tissue paper for packaging - it’s all great fun!

I am often inspired by the materials I come across while I’m browsing for new things. My charm supplier, Nicole De Bruin, has the most gorgeous selection of charms, and I never come away with just the items on my shopping list because I tend to get a bit over-excited. In theory I have a rule that I only buy charms when I already know how I will use them, but sometimes they are just too cool! For instance, my most recent order I wanted flowers, but couldn’t choose one and came away with about 8 different ones. But I have an idea for a summer charm bracelet with lots of different flowers on!!!

This week’s exciting materials order was a mailer full of gemstone strands. This is how they arrive, and I then cut the threads and wire the stones individually as and when I need them. I’m particularly excited about the star-shaped Rose Quartz and Green Spot Stone - I can’t wait to incorporate them into earrings in particular, but I also am thinking that using them in Witches Ladders could be pretty cool! There’s also a couple of really pretty new gemstones in this mix - Morganite (the mixed, very pale coloured ones) and Chaorite (the purple). I’m looking forward to showing you my new makes inspired by these stones!

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