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Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is a funny old holiday for a small online business. It happens on different dates around the world for one thing, meaning that I need to promote it more than once, and always end up confusing at least some of my customers along the way!

It also has slightly different origins from place to place. In the UK (and several other places, notably including Commonwealth countries Australia and Canada), Mother’s Day sprung from Mothering Sunday, a Christian holiday held on the third weekend before Easter during which people traditionally visit their “mother church”, the church where they were baptized. In America and most of the rest of the world it is a secular holiday, which has become extremely commercial, although it was not actually invented by greetings card companies as often remarked in popular myth.

For pagans, Mother’s Day can be a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and thank the Goddess as Mother, and/ or Mother Earth. Falling shortly after Beltane, it is the period of the year when we celebrate abundance and fecundity; the Goddess is pregnant, the epitome of motherhood and growth. We celebrate her bounty and all the new life springing forth from her all around us.

Great ideas for celebrating Mother’s Day for pagans include setting up an altar dedicated to the Mother Goddess. You can use crystals associated with love, gentleness and patience such as Rose Quartz, Amethyst and Aquamarine, a chalice to represent the divine feminine, and spring flowers. Finding ways to give back to Mother Earth can also be very meaningful at this time. Try planting seeds, nurturing a garden, or organising a clear-up of a natural space near to your home.

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