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Selling on Amazon Handmade

Over the last few months a number of my fellow Etsy sellers have had a whole load of issues arise with Etsy, which have resulted in them abandoning the selling platform for a variety of other sites. Some have moved to selling exclusively through their own websites, and others have sought out alternative platforms. I personally have not had any problems with Etsy, but this whole situation has made me realise that having my shop exclusively on Etsy is a slightly risky thing. If something were to go pear-shaped for Etsy, I could potentially lose my entire webshop overnight.

I will be maintaining Etsy as my primary selling platform, but for those who are interested in buying from me through other places for whatever reason, I do now also have an Amazon Handmade store via Amazon UK. It will be available through all of the various European amazon sites too, but I have to upload to each one manually so I have started with the one that it’s in a language I am fluent in!!! You can find my new shop here.

I will also be setting up to sell directly through the website here, hopefully over the summer, so make sure you sign up for my mailing list if you haven’t already to be among the first to know when the webshop launches! In the meantime, wherever you find me, happy shopping!!

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