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Where Is My Order?

As a small business owner who really cares about her customers, this is the kind of message I dread getting. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does my heart sinks. The reason being that unless the customer has chosen a tracked shipping option, I simply don’t know the answer to this question! And to be honest, even then it can be a bit vague. I’m writing this blog post to try and help clarify the situation, and to offer a bit of comfort - you order is on it’s way; I’ve only ever had one order not show up at all (and that one got re-sent!).

When I receive an order I generally pack it up for shipping the same day and put it in the post the following day. I use PostNL for the majority of my mailings and have found them to be cost effective and reliable for the most part. If it’s a bespoke or Made To Order item it will take more like a week from when you place the order until it goes into the post, but that is always stated in the item description and reflected in the order confirmation. If you need it faster, always get in touch - if there’s any way I can do it faster I am always happy to do it.

Beyond that, it is unfortunately out of my hands. The estimated shipping times I use are based on the information provided by PostNL, in some cases tweaked to fit what my experience has shown me is more accurate. For example, I state the shipping times to Canada as taking up to 10 weeks (I know, it’s crazy!) because I’ve had two parcels to Canada take that long. I’ve also had one arrive in a week. Go figure…!

Unfortunately, sometimes orders are delayed in the post. This can be due to unusual pressure on the postal service, bad weather, strike action, or any number of other circumstances which are outside of my control. If this happens to your order I will ask you to wait until the maximum possible delivery time as advised by the delivery service has elapsed before I can consider the next steps. If your item arrives too late for your needs and is no longer required, you can return it in unused condition for a full refund.

As I mentioned before, I have only once in four years has a parcel not show up at all. I know it can be worrying and annoying to have an order go missing, especially if it’s for a special occasion. Please know that I will do everything I can to make sure your order reaches you safely!

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