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Organising My Workspace

A little secret for you all today. I’m terribly disorganised. I’m naturally a chaotic mess. My bedroom growing up was a wading pool of school papers, library books, discarded clothes, empty tea mugs and sheet music. That somehow makes it sound romantic and bohemian. It wasn’t. At university my papers were often late, referencing texts that were not on the recommended list because they were already borrowed from the library. When my children were small, there were frequently mountains of laundry and toys and dishes. I forgot things constantly.

And then I reached a tipping point. I was raising three kids, helping my partner in crime with his plant business, and running a small charity, and the stress was really getting to me. Everything was a mess. I needed to get a grip. So I taught myself bullet journalling from YouTube videos and Pinterest posts, and read books on decluttering, and forced myself to get better at being organised.

Now I am pretty good at it. But obviously sometimes things slip. The craziness that the third school term seems to be every year and the weird upside-down that is summer vacation always derail me, and I end up in September a little jealous of my kids with their new stationary all neatly ready in their school bags, and their nice new timetables and new agendas. So this year, I am getting on top of things so that I can be ready for “Back to Work”.

I have spent the spare bits of my summer writing blog posts and scheduling newsletters, creating checklists. This week has been about getting my workspace organised so I’m ready for the build up to the holiday season. All my charms are organised into labelled boxes, my tools and basic supplies like chain are in easy reach, and my mailing supplies are easy to find. I’ve done a stock check and made sure I have all the supplies I need for any made to order items. Now I’m just looking for a couple of pretties to decorate my space and make it super inspirational, and I will be ready for anything. Hurrah!

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