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But Your Designs Aren't Creepy!

If you’ve been following my pages for a while, or have bought any of my jewelry, then you’ll know that my designs tend to be quite subtle. I go for delicate chains, pretty coloured stones and lots of natural influences. My photos are almost exclusively on a white background, with flowers, leaves, fruit or sea shells for decoration. I use a lot of purple, green, pink and blue. So for people who maybe don’t know a lot about witchy stuff, it may seem a little weird that I keep linking everything back to paganism and witchcraft. In this post I’ll try and explain.

Witches take many forms! Some of us have green skin, some of us long bony fingers and no toes, some of us look like Nicole Kidman, some of us have really big noses covered in warts… Ok, I’m messing with you. What I mean is that there are many many different kinds of witches. Some, like me, are pagans and feel a connection with any number of deities, or simply with the world around them and the basic five elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. Others are witches from different religious backgrounds, and from none. Aside from beliefs, there are then many different paths that witches may walk. Some common labels include Kitchen Witch, Green Witch, Sea Witch, Hedge Witch, Hearth Witch, Storm Witch, Faerie Witch and Eclectic Witch. There are also witches who work primarily with the darker side of life, who are interested in the mysteries of death, ancestor worship, and darker branches of magical work.

A lot of people assume that witches are all about wearing black, and curses and hexes, and skulls and devil worship and crows and so forth. And for some witches that is true. For other witches the craft is all about nature, or home, or really anything that feel a magical connection and energy with. My path is closest to a Hearth Witch - I am mostly concerned with home, food, handicrafts and family. I also feel a strong affinity to Green Witchery - nature and the changing seasons are pretty central to how I connect with the universe and where I most strongly sense magic - but I have to confess to not being a natural gardener!!

So my designs and brand are mostly inspired by my personal path, and as such do not tend to be spooky or gothic. However, for every thing there is a season and a time for every purpose, and I dearly love the run up to Samhain. The thinning of the veil, the plunging into the darkest part of the year, the welcoming in of our ancestors, our past, and the spookier magics of the universe; these all resonate strongly with me at this time of year, and mark an important element of what it is to be alive and human. As such I relish the opportunity at this time of year to connect with those elements of myself and let them come out to play. That’s when you find me creating horror story necklaces, gothic chokers, and skull laden bracelets. I hope you enjoy them too!

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