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Yule Decorations

Yule is such a pretty time of year! I am a huge fan of all the lights, jewel colours, spices and sparkle. In this article I am suggesting some quick, easy and cost-effective ways you can dress your home up for Yule.

Cinnamon Stars

I love star shapes all year round - I have star patterned clothing, a star-patterned table cloth, and star-shaped fairy lights in our bedroom. But they seem especially suitable for Yule. Something I love to make is a pentagram out of cinnamon sticks, although any twigs will do! Simply tie the ends of the sticks together with a simple twine. You can then add berries, leaves or man-made decorations as embellishments.

Decorative Votives

Candlelight is so cosy and intimate, and a great reminder at this time of year that the light will return. A really nice way to make a simple tealight candle into something more fancy is to put it inside a decorated glass or jar. Cinnamon sticks are your friend again here - tie them in a ring around the outside of a jar or glass to create a slightly-fragranced votive decoration - as the glass warms up the cinnamon sticks will release some of their fragrance. You can also glue autumn leaves to the outside of a clean jar, and let the light shine through the warm colours. Even paper cut-outs can make a lovely effect fixed to the outside of glass. Always make sure that your decorations are not taller than the glass, and are on the outside of the jar, to reduce the risk of fire, and never leave a burning candle unattended.

Bring The Outside In

The Christmas Tree dates back to traditions from Europe involving bringing the tree inside so that the tree spirits are kept warm and safe through the winter. We can continue that tradition today even if we don’t have space for a whole tree, or in addition to a tree, by bringing in branches of evergreens such as firs, pines, holly and yew, or dead branches of deciduous trees. My personal favourite is ivy - if you’re lucky enough to have a lot of it growing up a fence or through a hedge you can easily cut long swags of ivy to wind around banisters or light fittings, or drape over picture frames. The rich, decadent feel of the woodlands inside your home is truly magical.

Paper Snowflakes

An age-old traditional activity that children love as well, making paper snowflakes is one of my favourite crafts. Paper snowflakes are made by cutting a circle of paper, which is then folded from the center into eighths. Once the circle is folded to a narrow point you can carefully cut away sections along the two longer edges, being careful not to cut all the way across. Then when you unfold the paper a snowflake design is revealed! These can be used to decorate in so many ways, but I especially love to hang a bunch at different heights from invisible thread over the center of the dining table, or to stick them to windows.

What are your favourite winter crafts?

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