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Can I Wear It In The Shower?

There are a few questions that come up from time to time from customers. One of them is whether my jewelry can be worn in water. The simple answer is no. I have a number of my own pieces which I wear often, and find that they can get a little wet with no harm to them or to me (bracelets get splashed during hand washing, for instance). However, many metal alloys and even pure metals do not respond well to prolonged contact with water, and it can result in dulling, discolouration, and sometimes in particles rubbing off onto the skin leaving greenish marks. Furthermore, some crystals should not be combined with water as this can cause the leaching out of harmful elements which may cause reactions on the skin. These include Malachite, which is one of my favourite stones to work with and one that I use often in my designs.

As such, I would always recommend that you remove your Hopkins & The Witch jewelry when bathing or swimming, and place it in a safe, dry place. If you are wanting to clean your jewelry, you can physically clean it of dirt by wiping it over with a slightly damp cloth and then drying it, and you can cleanse its energy by passing it through smoke or incense, or by leaving it out under the full moon or in brilliant sunshine (depending of course on the crystals used in each piece).

Blessed be!

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