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Yule is my favourite sabbat of the year. Celebrated on the Winter Solstice, the Shortest Day or Longest Night of the year, Yule is about hailing the return of the sun at our darkest time. From here out, things start to get lighter and, eventually, warmer.

All of the sabbats and esbats mark points on the wheel of the year, when we choose recognise and celebrate where we are at that moment. With Yule, that means acknowledging the darkness, but looking forward to turning of the year and the return of light. It is a festival which speaks strongly of balance, and which draws us together in harmony.

The elements of Yule that I love most are the candlelight, the warm spices in mulled wine and cakes, the bringing in of the greenery and the tree, and giving gifts to my children. It’s a magical time of year to relish in cosy indoors delights.

Merry Yuletide Blessings to you all!

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