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New Year Intention Setting

Oh my goodness, the last blog post of 2019! This year I committed to writing a blog post every week, and I have made it! Well, there were a couple of skipped weeks to be honest, but really only one or two! I’m really proud of myself. Next year I need to work out how to tell if anyone is reading it!

This post is all about my New Year’s Resolutions process. I don’t set resolutions. Instead I review the year that’s gone in writing, trying to honestly to think of what went well and what could be improved on, with particular reference to the goals I set myself at the start of the year. I always carry out both a personal and a business review, as I’m trying really hard to learn how to keep my personal and business lives separate; something that’s particularly challenging when you run your own business from home!

After reviewing the previous year I spend a couple of days setting goals for the following year, and then turning those goals into plans. This means breaking them down into smaller steps, and assigning those steps to months of the year. I normally go for about five goals for both business and personal, and try to make them measurable - so instead of just saying “make more sales”, I’ll say “make x number of sales this year”. Then I give each goal (or sometimes even each step) it’s own little mini deadline.

Finally I set a date sometime over the summer to review my goals and either set more or tweak my expectations for completing them.

I find it so therapeutic to look back at the year and see how much I’ve learned and accomplished, and also to consider how I can continue to grow and improve in the coming months. Looking at the whole as a plan for the year helps it seem more achievable, and so I am less likely to beat myself up for not getting fast results and more likely to put healthy habits in place for monitoring and adapting. It’s also super exciting imagining what the next year will bring!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you have great fun, and make some exciting plans for next year x

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