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5 Great Valentines Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year again - everywhere you go, in shops and cafes and all over the internet, people are trying to sell you red and pink hearts. Chocolate ones, plush ones, ones made of plastic flowers and lights, ones printed onto underwear and socks and pyjamas… I personally find it all a bit gross. I do love Valentines Day - what’s not to like about an opportunity to remind people that you love them? Whether it’s a partner, friend, pet, or family member, or yourself, it’s only ever a good thing to set aside some time to celebrate love. But I am fairly confident that by the time you’ve been through your first five or so Valentines Days you’ve got enough pink and red hearts to last you. And then the gift buying gets a little more tricky.

That’s why I’ve created a handy gift guide for you, with a few ideas that are NOT pink or red hearts…

For the lady who’s a little on the dark side, I have this anatomical heart choker necklace; a realistic heart charm strung on a black velvet ribbon. Elegant and sinister all at once!

If your intended gift recipient loves to read, why not gift them a special bookmark so that every time they read they remember you?

For someone who’s got a more urban, edgy vibe there are these Starlit Heart earrings, made of

punched metal and opalite.

A romantic soul is bound to love these floral heart earrings; they look like they’re straight out of an Edwardian period piece!

And don’t forget, I’m always happy to custom make a piece if you want to make something that speaks straight from your heart. I can tell your story in a charm bracelet, or create a piece that is just the right balance of witchy and romantic… The options are endless! If you’d like to discuss a bespoke order, you can send me an email at Becca@HopkinsAndTheWitch.com

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