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I work from home. Everything that reaches you from Hopkins & the Witch has been created at my home. All the making, all the photography, all the writing; it’s all done by me. I am fueled by coffee in the morning and a variety of herbal teas and hot chocolates in the afternoon (at the moment I am loving the Elderberry and Echinacea tea from Pukka - no affiliation - because I have a cold that I’ve caught from one of my three kids), and buoyed along by music or audio books, depending on whether I’m crafting objects, images or words. If I’m making something visual I love a good audiobook - The Handmaid’s Tale at the moment, but recently there’s been a lot of Pratchett - but when I’m blogging or writing product descriptions I can’t handle the wordy input at the same time as the output, and then I switch to music. At the moment it’s a very upbeat playlist… The jury’s out on whether it’s too distracting!

I move around our little apartment depending on what I’m doing and who else is around. The desk which is officially my workbench, where all my materials and tools are stored, is also where my middle daughter likes to do her homework, and at the moment has elements of my youngest's school history project on it, so today I’m working at the kitchen table, surrounded by fairy lights and trying not to be led astray by the fridge or the biscuit tin. When the weather is warmer, or if I’m prepping for electroforming which is smelly chemically work, I sometimes sit out on the balcony at the back of our apartment, where I can watch bees in our flower boxes, and see parakeets and jays in the trees in the gardens lower down. If I’m making jewelry I have to be at my desk, in which case I have to coerce the kids into clearing it off in advance so I can get a clear run at it.

It’s a mixed bag, working from home. On the one hand it can be very distracting, with delivery people and family members coming and going, and the endless number of household tasks that need to happen… Which reminds me, I just need to go and put the washing machine on…

Sorry about that! But in all seriousness, the reality of it is wonderful. I am always here if one of my kids need me to help with homework or make them a hot chocolate and commiserate over a crappy day at school. If I get a bit burnt out I can move to a different room, or go for a walk around the block. If I’m cold or a bit poorly nobody looks twice if I bundle myself up in my dressing gown and keep working. If a great tune comes on my playlist I can turn up the volume and dance around the kitchen. I am truly grateful to have the opportunity to work somewhere that I love to be, and to arrange my time in a way that works for me and my family.

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