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New Product Announcement - Witch Boxes

Earlier this year I started making a new product range that I think you guys will really like; Witch Boxes! Also called Altar Kits, these are pretty painted wooden boxes, filled with everything you need for a mini altar set up. They are PERFECT for newcomers to magical practice who would like to have a small sacred space but are not sure about investing in big pieces just yet, for witches who are still in the broom closet and want their magical items to be easy to clear away and hidden in a discreet package, or for witches who love to travel, allowing them to take with them everything they need to set up a sacred space wherever they go.

The boxes that I use at the moment are 6cm by 4.5cm x 4.5cm; teeny tiny! I paint them myself with original designs, inside and out, and then fill them with a standard collection of items representing different elements that witches work with. Every box contains, as standard, an incense cone (representing air), 2 mini tea-light candles (representing fire), a tiny jar of salt (representing earth) and an empty jar for you to fill with water yourself (to represent water, of course). There is also a pentacle for protection and a clear quartz crystal, which is a great all-purpose stone. Some of the boxes are painted with designs specific to particular sabbats or esbats, while others are painted with more generally applicable witchy designs such as the goddess or the triple moon. Some have more neutral images such as a flower or a leaf. You can find the Witch Boxes here.

As with all of my products I am also very happy to make these to order! The great thing about these little boxes is they can be customised down to the smallest detail; from the paintwork to the contents. Want it painted in your favourite color, or with your name on? A particular sigil, or space for you to add your own? No problem! Would you prefer a specific crystal, or some herbs included in an extra jar? Can do! The options are limited only by the size of the box, and even that can be overcome; I am planning to add larger boxes in the coming weeks. If this sounds like a great idea for you or someone you know, get in touch with me and I’ll be happy to talk you through the possibilities!

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