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Reviews and When To Leave Them

There are few things than I love more in the running of Hopkins & The Witch than receiving feedback from a happy customer. It is simply one of the best feelings in the world to be given 5 stars and told that something I have created has reached someone, sometimes on the other side of the world, and has made them happy. I am so grateful when my customers take the time to let me know that their order arrived safely, and that they love it. It’s even better when they do it in the form of a public review!

When you leave a review, either on my Etsy shop, on my Facebook page or via a mention on Instagram, it not only lets me know that you’re happy (always my top priority!!). It also tells other people looking at my shop or my social media that I’m a trustworthy person to spend their hard-earned cash with! Everyone has had that experience of loving what someone makes, but just feeling a bit uncertain about buying. Will it take ages to get here? Will it be as lovely in reality as it looks on Instagram? What’s the quality really like? Is it worth the money? When you leave a review it helps answer these questions. It shows people that other people like them have taken the leap and bought something and it has been everything they hoped for.

On the other hand, sometimes people leave reviews to let a shop know they’ve made a mistake somewhere along the line. I completely understand that sometimes the buyer experience might not be quite what the customer was hoping for. If that’s you, having bought from me or from another small business, feeling disappointed or let down by the seller, I urge you not to write it in a review as a first reaction, but to reach out to the seller. Get in touch with me directly and let me know what’s gone wrong. I always have my customers at the forefront of my mind, and if something is not right with an order I will do my very best to sort it out as quickly as possible. If a seller is completely unhelpful in solving a problem, or rude, or just ignores you, then of course you should absolutely let others know that the seller is not to be trusted by leaving a review to that effect. But please give us a chance to put it right first by sending us a message or an email and telling us about the problem.

Reviews are a powerful tool in helping keep small businesses safe and enjoyable places to shop. They show other potential customers the good and the bad. They should not be used as a way to communicate with a seller; that’s what the contact button and emails are for. But please, especially if you’ve enjoyed your buying experience, do leave reviews, and let other people know that they can buy with confidence!

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