Clean Sweep Earrings by Hopkins & The Witch

These cute broomstick earrings were designed for Imbolc, the pagan festival celebrated on February 1st in the Northern Hemisphere. Imbolc is a time of new beginnings, spring cleaning and new growth, hence the symbolism of the broomstick.

Clear Quartz has been chosen for its fresh, bright appearance and powerful energy. Quartz is a stone that has long been considered to be a great charging stone, both for the bearer and for other stones. It can help with concentration and with filtering out negative thoughts and energies, making it a wonderful stone to carry at this time of year when we are trying to move forward with focus and positivity.

If these earrings are not quite what you're looking for, you can contact me to have something custom made for you! Just send me a message to get the ball rolling.

Bright blessings!

Clean Sweep Earrings

  • Within The Netherlands - € 2
    Elsewhere in Europe - € 4.95

    Everywhere Else - € 8.95