Custom Soy Wax Offering Candle by Hopkins & The Witch

This listing is for a jar candle, hand-poured using Soy Wax and essential oils, to be made as an offering to ancestors or a deity of your choosing.

The wax can be left natural (white) or dyed throughout, and can be left unfragranced or have (a blend of) natural essential oils added. I am happy to take your suggestions for colors and oils to use, or I can make suggestions stemming form your intended use. I enjoy the process of researching correspondences from my ever-growing home library on witchcraft and related topics, as well as from the internet, so I am always happy to come up with ideas. My current turnaround time on custom candles is 24 hours from finalising the design with my customer.

This product is vegan friendly and sustainable.

Bright Blessings!

Custom Soy Wax Offering Candle

  • Within The Netherlands - € 2
    Elsewhere in Europe - € 4.95

    Everywhere Else - € 8.95