Early Growth Earrings by Hopkins & The Witch

These pretty Early Growth Earrings were designed for Imbolc, the pagan festival celebrated on February 1st in the Northern Hemisphere. Imbolc is a time of new beginnings, spring cleaning and new growth, hence the symbolism of the tulip, a spring flower.

Aventurine has been chosen for its pale spring time green color. Aventurine is a stone that has been called the "the Stone of Opportunity". It is thought to be a very lucky stone, and one to attract prosperity (as green generally is considered to be a colour of money and wealth).

If these earrings are not quite what you're looking for, you can contact me to have something custom made for you! Just send me a message to get the ball rolling.

Bright blessings!

Early Growth Earrings

  • Within The Netherlands - € 2
    Elsewhere in Europe - € 4.95

    Everywhere Else - € 8.95