Equinox Necklace by Hopkins & The Witch

~Short chain Pendant Necklace
~Tibetan Silver
~Beautiful Sun & Moon Pendant Charm with Clear Quartz chips
~Total length 50cm, Drop length 30cm (including pendant)
~Toggle fastening
~Ready to ship

I made this necklace, at home in my chaotic Dutch house in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It is perfect for celebrating the Equinoxes, both Spring and Autumn (Ostara and Mabon), these being times when the day and night are of equal length. The equinox s a time of balance and neutrality, which is why I have chosen clear quartz. Matching Earrings are also available in my shop. Any crystals I have used have been cleansed and charged under the full moon, and I do my best to ensure that the Tibetan Silver is sourced responsibly to be nickel and lead free.

Equinox Necklace

  • Within The Netherlands - € 2
    Elsewhere in Europe - € 4.95

    Everywhere Else - € 8.95